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Learn All About Virtual Online Sales and Marketing Jobs

Finding a sales job can be very challenging and more and more people are increasingly earning more training in sales in order to deliver more sales, and consequently help the employer earn more while their commissions increase. One way to kick-start, your sales career is by selling products on the Internet. Ideally, this allows you to work from any location and you do not have to travel, however you also require high Internet intelligence to succeed in this job.

An online sales representative is a person who works in an online sales and marketing environment, either making direct sales or using it as a source for leads and communication. Either they sell products and services for an Internet entrepreneur or they find employment with an organization that hopes to develop their business on the Internet by advertising or selling memberships.

On many cases, the duties are similar to a regular sales person the only difference is that their platform is purely the Internet and they do not need to travel to meet the customers.

Companies and entrepreneurs hire visit online sales representatives to sell products using the Internet platform. This is especially necessary when they need to reach a wide market share. The other reason is that marketing and business trends are changing, and more and more people are turning to the Internet to search for goods and services. Hence, they need professionals who will address the Internet market at large. On the other hand, it is cheaper to sell products on the Internet than it is to sell using conventional means. An Internet sales rep will need fewer resources to do business unlike a conventional one, and their benefits are minimal.

Like with any other sales job, a virtual sales representative requires basic sales training including product training in order to perform their duties. Sales is not a complex career, however, having an education level that is higher than a high school diploma helps a lot. You also need to have impeccable organizational skills, be naturally responsible, have great oral and written communication skills, and have the ability to work in a team or to offer team leadership.

Excellent presentation skills are also very important and fluency in the Internet language, while being bi or multilingual will earn you work more easily. The sales environment is often a pressurized one and you must be able to withstand the pressure be highly motivated and have a desire to learn.

The salary of an online sales rep rages widely and is dependent on the products you are selling. Many times employers will offer a low salary plus commissions or pure commissions, which is a way to motivate a sales person to work harder since the more they sell, the higher they earn. On average, a retail sales rep will earn $108,000 annually.

Business people who sell products and services on the Internet will hire online sales people to promote the products on their behalf. Learning institutions also hire sales people to promote hire courses on the Internet. Ideally, anyone who sells his or her products on the Internet will need a virtual sales person.


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