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Make the Most of Advertising Balloons

It takes creativity to make attractive and effective method of advertising. Depending on what you want to get endorsed for popularity through advertisement, it is interesting to keep in mind about using balloons to advertise your product.

Advertising balloons are specialized by some companies to provide interesting visual advertising for suitable brands. It has been tested to get most attention of the people, especially if the blimp is visually beautiful and fancy to look from below while it willows up from building deck.

When it comes to promoting products, cost knows no bound. Advertising balloons could range from variety of sizes from 12 inches to 30 feet. A blimp with a dimension of 30 feet is gigantic enough to catch attention at a distance. It means, the blimp could only go as big as desired. palloncini personalizzati Go big and get noticed. It only takes creativity to achieve the desired customized design of an advertising balloon blimp.

Balloons for advertising are made out of dense and heavy-duty polyurethane made inflatable by helium. It has been used conventionally for many years as a still “floating billboard.” Now, there are available add-ons and features to expect better impact for balloon advertisements. There are mechanisms added to make them bounce, dance, and other simple tricks.

You have to consider the main disadvantage of using balloons for advertising. They only get installed in specific locations, where they are only seen by limited number of people. If they are installed in strategic place enough to satisfy your exposure satisfaction, then the next things to consider are as follows:


Consult with your chosen blimp manufacturer to assist you with the right size of lettering for your advertising need. Letters has to be bold and simple for maximum readability.


Text on right background are ranked accordingly and tested. This means, the importance of combining colors to let the signage visually emphasized matters a lot.


The scale/height of the letters can be used to assume if the image or artwork can be seen at a distance. For effective use of designs, they must contain less detail but solidity in appearance using good colors on right background.

You can avail pre-designed advertising balloons and get personalized signage to avoid heavy cost on customized one, unless you really want a full-customized package for your advertising need. A customized design can be re-used again for other advertising locations.

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