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Notable Tips and Tricks for Banner Advertising

When it comes to banner advertising, where you place your banner could mean everything in determining success of that particular advertising banner. When you want viewers to see your banner and when you want to increase the likelihood that they will click on that banner, you need to know how to put it in the right place.

The right placement of your ad ทำป้าย on publisher sites will make all the difference. If you have your own website or blog, you will want to do whatever you can to help increase the amount of traffic you’re receiving from this site. Banner ads can be the perfect way to do this when you know how to place them properly.

One great spot for your advertising banners is the top right corner of the site. This is the number one location for visitors to look at and you should have your best and most prominent ads displayed here. The eyes are drawn to this area which greatly increases the chance that they will click on the ad when it is displayed here.

One of the worst places you can ever put your banner advertising is at the bottom of the page. It gets buried here and many viewers never scroll down far enough to see that anyway. Banners that are placed “below the fold” are rarely seen by the viewer, much less clicked on. Banners at the top center are often ignored now as well since this used to be the number one spot for ad placement.

Now that you know more about why the location of banner advertising is so important, you can choose the proper placement of your own banners better in the future. The placement you choose can have a large impact on whether or not people click on your banner ads. With these tips, you can be better informed of where you place your banner ads so that you can gain the most from the banners as possible.


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