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To Improve Your Golf You Need to Fix That Golf Slice

Everything about the game of golf is a process and fixing a slice is no exception. You’re slicing the ball off to the right because your club head is open when you make contact. It’s that simple. But it’s not quite that simple to fix. There are a lot of different reasons why it might be happening and you need to work through them to find the culprit (and possibly more than one) and then you can fix it. That’s the process part. But having said all that, here are some time-tested tips on correcting a slice.

There are lots of possible reasons why your club face is open at the point of contact, but some are more common than others. Let’s look at the most likely problems first. It could be your set up- a.k.a. at address

Most golfers will- and beginning golfers should- set up square. That means that you’ll address the ball with your feet, hips, and shoulders all lined up with the target. If you move your left foot too far forward, you won’t be cleanly lined up square to your target and that can cause the club face to open at impact sending your ball to the right. Keep your left foot directly under your left shoulder and see if you’re still slicing.

The same holds true for the shoulders and hips. Even if your foot  토토추천  is lined up to your shoulder, you might still be slicing the ball if your hip is out of alignment. Left Foot- left hip – left shoulder = one smooth line.

If your stance checks out but you’re still slicing the ball the next most likely offender is your grip. Many newer players have a death grip on their club. Considering the price of many clubs I can kind of understand that but holding on too tight can cause the club head to open as it strikes the ball. Again, you find yourself back in the woods to the right of the fairway (or worse). But, you need some firmness or the club head will wobble at impact and then you’ll either slice or hook. Variety might be nice, but not that kind.

Hold the club with your fingers – not in your palm and look down at your hands. You should be able to see two or three of your left-hand knuckles. If you cannot see any knuckles at all, you have a problem with your grip and when your swing gets into the hitting zone your hands will rotate to where they should be and the face will be open and your ball will fly off to the right again. Rotate too far and you’ll hook the ball instead since you’ll hit with a closed face.

It’s also possible that your grip is OK but you just don’t have the face lined up. Try taking your grip with the club in your fingers and now raise your arms- the face of your club should be at right angles to the ground. Now lower it and do not lose that angle.

OK, so by now you’ve checked (and maybe corrected) your set up at address and how you’re holding the club, but you’re still slicing the ball. That’s ok. Just keep moving through the check list to Swing Tempo or your timing. (Timing is a big problem for me personally) Many golfers have a tendency to try to use their arms as the power source for extra distance. It’s OK with a baseball bat but not a great strategy with a golf club. The problem starts at the top of the backswing. If you let your hands take over the club and lead the downswing you can easily get ahead of yourself and the club face will almost undoubtedly open.

From start to finish, your swing should be smooth and relaxed. Avoid the temptation to jerk the club once you get to the top of your backswing. Let your hips start the downswing and everything else will follow.

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